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  • School Leaders Lead Collaboratively

    School Leaders Lead Collaboratively

    There are huge advantages for school leaders to lead collaboratively, today. It is the only way to empower followers to not only be part of the process of moving forward, but it offers a...

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  • Education Myths: Part 2

    Education Myths: Part 2

    Education Myths: Part 2 looks at PLNs, Handwriting, and Class Size myths.   1. All you need is a PLN. Personal Learning Networks, PLNs, have been overwhelmingly accepted and successful, hugely...

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  • Global Learning Community

    Global Learning Community

    There is a need, beyond words, for a global learning community movement committed to action. Since the beginning, communities  have been in a position to foster learning. Individuals in a...

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  • 3 Education Myths—Part 1

    3 Education Myths—Part 1

    There are many education myths that continue to get more press than they deserve. We thought a series debunking these ridiculous statements appropriate. Here are 3 Education Myths—Part 1: Myth 1:...

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  • Teaching Naked and Afraid

    Teaching Naked and Afraid

    Today, if educators aren’t talking personalized and collaborative use of technology in the classroom, they are teaching naked and afraid in a previous century. We are well into the 21st Century...

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  • EFF 14 Reminds Us of UN Education Goals

    EFF 14 Reminds Us of UN Education Goals

    Why are the UN Sustainable Goals in Education important? First of all, you’ll need to know that there are 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the education one is listed as number 4, preceded...

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  • The Ultimate Teaching Observation

    The Ultimate Teaching Observation

    I was recently at a teaching gathering of active and former educators of varying ages. They all had similar, but not very positive, observation and teacher evaluation stories. The conversation was...

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  • Technology Is for Adults!

    Technology Is for Adults!

    Or is it? Technology is for adults, and children should keep away from screens may sound an absurd story, today, but you’d be wrong. It is just one of the interesting story lines we can expect in...

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  • Invitation to Learning

    Invitation to Learning

    I have more questions than answers about what’s really important in student learning. I talk and listen to a lot of people, whom I know are much smarter and know so much more, but I get to a point...

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  • Overclocking Education Change

    Overclocking Education Change

    I enjoy listening to people, who build computers, and have a fascination for digital games. A recent conversation had me wondering if there are similarities to building education and learning...

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