Introducing Scalr 7.5

March 6, 2017 Craig Peters

The last month has seen some major advances in the Scalr product that I want to sing about. First we released two new features, Service Catalog and Farm Templates. Yesterday our latest release, Scalr 7.5, made major advances in the Scalr API that powers Farm Templates. The last few releases of Enterprise Scalr have major advances that haven’t gotten enough praise. It seems like a good time to let you know about the highlights of these releases.

Late last year we announced our support for the VMware vSphere platform. Since that initial release providing self-service and policy-driven governance, we’ve made steady advances including support for IP Pool Management, Customization Specifications, Server Snapshots, and Discovery Manager. Together these capabilities put Scalr’s VMware capabilities on par with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack, enabling you to govern Cloud and Datacenter alike.

Reflecting the growing role of private cloud in our customer’s cloud strategy, we’ve added SSH Key Policies to our OpenStack support and improved the way Volumes and Snapshots work.

Several customers have been asking for the ability to suspend an entire Farm with a single action, where previously you could only suspend individual servers. We’ve made this happen in 7.5.

We’ve also added support for the new AWS Application Load Balancer which adds tons of new capabilities for traditional and containerized applications. This means that a Farm can now include sophisticated WebSocket and HTTP/2 content-based load balancing.

But the biggest news is that the configuration of Farm Roles has been enhanced via the Scalr API by adding Bootstrap configuration (Chef) and Security Groups. Since Farm Templates use the Scalr API, these new capabilities expand the scope of work that can be accomplished. Your Farm Templates can now specify orchestration, network, cloud provider specific settings, security groups, and the bootstrap configuration. Only one piece remains, Storage, which the team is working on and is coming soon!

We’ve been getting very positive feedback on the preview of Farm Templates over the past two weeks. As we improve Scalr - through company effort and community feedback, we’re grateful for your attention and continued support. This brief post only skims over the incredible depth of capability of the Scalr platform. Please contact us for additional information, and to provide feedback on our product and our progress.

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Introducing Scalr 7.5
Introducing Scalr 7.5

The last month has seen some major advances in the Scalr product that I want to sing about. Firs...

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